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7 Things You Need to Know When Remodeling Your Bathroom

There is nothing quite like the look and feel of a freshly decorated bathroom. However, bathroom remodels jobs can be expensive and, depending on the size of the project, time-consuming. While no one wants to start a bathroom remodel project without the necessary skill, materials, and time allotted for it, there are a few things you can do to save money and make the job go faster. Follow these tips, and you’ll find that any bathroom remodels done by Bathroom Remodel Grand Rapids MI will go a lot more smoothly.

bathroom remodel

First, plan. Before you begin your bathroom remodel, make a list of all the items you want to add or change in the room. If you’re putting new tiles in the bathtub, for instance, make a new list of the types of tile you want and which colors you prefer. By doing so before you get started, you’ll save time and effort that will otherwise have gone into making the wrong decisions. You can even put a time limit on the project and only tackle it as you reach a certain point.

Next, budget. It’s easy to get carried away in the excitement of planning a bathroom remodel and spend far too much money on supplies or fixtures that aren’t really necessary. Before starting any project, be sure to set a budget that will hold you back. If you find that the supplies you’ve purchased are way over your budget, don’t panic–a little budget research can go a long way. Look for special sales at your local home improvement store or online. You might also consider checking out what you can buy at discount stores during your weekly or monthly shopping around for deals.

Third, consider contractors. Many people are hesitant to enlist the help of professional designers and builders when they’re working on a bathroom remodel project because they worry that they will overlook any problems. If you are working with a contractor who has previous experience in bathroom remodeling, he or she will be able to keep a close eye on details while you focus on the basics.

Fourth, consider color. You want your bathroom to really pop–make it the focal point of your room. However, you don’t want your bathroom to stand out too much, so choose colors that are subtle yet attention-getting. Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, and blue can have a dramatic effect on your bathroom remodel. Alternatively, pale colors such as blue, green, gray, and cream all offer you the same benefits but with a more relaxing feel.

Fifth, consider your layout. What elements do you want to include in your bathroom remodel? The toilet, vanity, shower, and cabinets are the most obvious choices, but other elements should not be ignored. For example, you should consider whether you’d like to install a window or whether a door would be a better option. Also, do you need to have flooring throughout your bathroom remodel, if so? Is the flooring going to be decorative, or will it be used?

Sixth, consider the style. There are literally thousands of different styles available for bathroom remodels. Which one will you choose? Ultimately, however, your choice will come down to your personal preferences and your budget. Some designers offer their clients the option of creating a theme based on their personal tastes and expectations.

Seventh, consider the contractor. Make sure he or she is trustworthy and reliable. It’s best to hire someone with experience. Check out the business references that he or she offers. And be sure that the proposed remodel meets your needs. Don’t get stuck with a bathroom that doesn’t meet your standards.