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Commercial Roofing Contractors

A professional roof that suits commercial roofing contractors is generally larger, usually over 20K square feet, and inside 150 miles of the main business. Commercial roof contractors also usually install single-ply or metal roof systems or pre-fabricated roof coatings. They will have experience in installing all types of commercial roofing, including but not limited to asphalt, slate, and tile. They can help with all aspects of your commercial construction project from conception to completion.

Professional roofers will do the initial inspection and a free estimate. This is the best part! Now we go into the entertaining stuff. After the estimate and the inspection, they will know exactly what roof system will be best for you depending on the square footage, shape, weight, and other factors.

Once the contractor’s estimate and selection of materials are made, the contractor will meet with you and discuss the job, the materials needed, and the timeline. At this time, the contractor will review all photos of the house and recommend changes if necessary or practical. After these three key points are discussed and agreed upon between the contractor and you, the contractor will begin to build your dream home.

How safe is their equipment? This is very important! Commercial roofers are well equipped and trained in the maintenance of modern equipment; however, accidents can happen at any time. To ensure the crew’s safety and your client’s, commercial roofing contractors must meet or exceed state and federal safety regulations.

Is the work done according to the schedule you both agreed upon? Unfortunately, if a residential roofing installation goes over schedule, the residential roofer may not perform the work that was ordered. If the contractor’s estimate for the work is more than your budget, you have the option to get a flat roof rebuilt to meet the residential schedule or ask them to perform the work at your local roofer and bring their own equipment. If they agree to perform work on a flat roof, they should finish it on time and at your requested rate.

commercial roofing contractors

Are there any special considerations involving the structures used in commercial roofing? There are many variables involved with different types of structures, including thermal conductivity and resistance to fire. In many cases, the metal roof used in commercial roofing systems is stronger than the traditional wooden shakes used in residential roofs. However, this is not always the case, and it is recommended that you find out all you can about the specific types of metals used in commercial roofing before considering installing any metal roof on your own.

Are you afraid that the installers using these shingles roofs will leave metal particles or torn shingles? While most professional contractors use high-quality silicone roof coatings, you can still ask the contractor to use high-quality metal roof coating for your installation as well. Most metal roofing companies are used to doing this because it makes sense for them to charge more if they are doing the best part of your project while charging less for the rest.

Are you looking for a way to reduce the appearance of the building structure after the installers are done? While some people choose to do this on their own with the help of some metal roof coatings, others decide to hire a professional roofer to install this for them. You would want to hire a professional for this type of work because if something were to go wrong with the installation, then the professional roofer has experience with doing the installation over again promptly so that the building structure can withstand future weather changes. So before you consider doing the installation yourself, make sure that you ask the contractor if they have the experience to handle this application and then get their opinion on the best type of metal roof coatings to use. By getting the opinion of the professionals, you can ensure that you get the best product for your structure and keep your building safe and healthy for years to come.