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How Much Does Stucco Cost

How Much Does Stucco Cost

The stucco cost will depend on the type of stucco, you need to install, the number of square feet of siding, and whether you have to repair or replace existing siding.

Installing one 12×9 wall can cost anywhere from $1,300 to $1,700 on average. While the average cost to repair standard stucco damage is around $500 to $1,000.  Most homeowners will pay around $2,000 just to change or replace stucco on one side of a garage.

Repairing or installing stucco to your home isn’t a do-it-yourself project. A crack on your stucco siding or adding stucco as a finishing touch on your wall needs the expertise of an experienced contractor. An expert pro can repair, replace, or install fresh stucco to the siding of your home or property to safeguard the structure and framing from the elements. 

Before hiring a contractor, you may want to get an estimate on the stucco pricing and how much the overall project will cost. 

Stucco Cost Per Square Foot

Including the stucco and the installation, the average cost estimate is around $6 – $9 per square foot. Same with most home improvement projects, the bigger the work, the higher the expenses. The equipment and stucco pricing are based on the type of stucco used – either traditional or engineered. On an average-sized garage exterior, replacing or installing a fresh stucco may cost around $2,000. 

Difference Between Traditional Stucco and Engineered Stucco

The type of stucco determines the material costs for the installation or replacement. For traditional cement-based stucco, the average cost is $0.05 – $0.10 per square foot. While for an engineered stucco, also known as the exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), the average cost for just the materials is around $0.25 – $0.50 per square foot. This does not include the installation or labor cost. 

Both traditional and engineered stucco are used for exterior walls and siding on houses or buildings. However, on indoors, plasters are being applied. Traditional stucco is a combination of cement, sand, lime, and water. It is quite different from the synthetic stucco products. Additionally, traditional stucco is heavy and can manage wet weather very well. The installation of this traditional stucco needs a skilled or experienced contractor. This will cost more initially, but over a long time, it will last longer and prevent future damages that may cost more money later on. 

Engineered stucco or EIFS is characterized by a thinner and smoother final texture and is most likely to crack. It is usually applied over a foam-based product. But it is energy-efficient and is usually ideal for more complex designs.

Stucco Repair Cost

The stucco repair cost is not just affected but the square foot size of the surface that in need of repair, but it is also subject to repair companies’ pricing conditions. For some companies, they charge a fixed, base rate for repairing a stucco. This means that a simple fist-sized stucco repair might cost the same as a door-sized repair. The reason behind this is that the company spends nearly the same for business overhead and labor cost, therefore, the material and the size of the repair are not the primary basis of their pricing. 

Below are some examples of the average costs for stucco repairs and installation:

Small stucco repair: $500

Stucco repair for two windows and two doors: $1,000

Stucco replacement on one exterior wall of a garage: $2,000

Fresh stucco installation on three walls of a 12×12 home addition: $4,000–$5,000