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How to Repair Large Stucco Cracks

How to Repair Large Stucco Cracks

Stucco is a popular choice among homeowners, as it is pretty and durable. It is made of cement, sand, and lime, and is often used for giving texture to house exteriors. However, it is not flexible, so it may get damaged and have some cracks because of several causes. You may still repair them and make it look like nothing happened.


There are different reasons why your stucco developed cracks. One is if your house stands on the ground that has a lot of clay content. Because of that, it is prone to movement, so your home may shift. The stucco, being inflexible, won’t react nicely to the change, so cracks will form.

If you did not get the right proportions of cement, sand, and lime, or if you did not mix ut properly, then your stucco may also produce cracks later on. That may also be because you did not give the mortar enough time to cure, or if it was not moist enough, or the temperature was too high, so it dried quickly. 

Cracks may also develop if your stucco is already old, and was exposed to lots of temperature changes as the seasons pass or the pollution outside. Don’t worry, because you can still repair them.


You have to inspect cracks first before repairing them. That is because since they are outside, they might be exposed to moisture, which might affect your wall and compromise its weather resistance. Water may enter it and give you bigger problems.

Another reason for inspection is because your cracks might be a sign of a more serious problem than what it seems. However, stucco cracks are mostly shallow and narrow and do not affect the structural integrity of your home. 

Being Qualified for the Job

If the cracks in your stucco wall is large, then you might not be able to repair them yourself. You will need to call a professional to help you. You may do it if you have enough skills and expertise to do this kind of work. However, it is still better to call someone to ensure a great result and avoid further problems.

To get the best people for the job, it is better if you contact the nearest Waterproofing Contractor, as they are familiar with crack repairs on stucco walls. 

What they will do is make a sample area to represent the scope of crack repairs to be done. Before proceeding with the work, they will present the mock-up to you, so you can give your input and make agreements for the repair. They will conduct the process and repair your damaged stucco wall. 

If you are planning on reapplying exterior coating, then repairing cracks may be part of the warranted preparations for it. 

Even if your stucco is low-maintenance, it will still require repairs because of the damages it has. It will last longer and keep your house pretty for longer. Make sure to call the right people to do a great job.