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Things to Look For When Hiring Upright Piano Movers

Piano Movers Houston are trained to move pianos safely and should have the necessary equipment to do the job right. Moving an upright piano is a difficult task that requires the help of a professional piano mover. These specialists can ensure that your piano moves safely and without any damage. Here are some things to look for when hiring professional piano movers.

Piano Movers

Before hiring a piano mover, you should decide where to place your piano. A clear path is necessary so that you can safely move your piano. If there are stairs or ledges in the way, you can create a ramp for a safe move. If the ground is uneven, you can use plywood to make the process a little easier. Pushing your piano onto the truck deck is the most difficult part; most amateurs fail to realize the weight of a piano.

Piano weight varies depending on the model. An upright piano can weigh anywhere from 300 to 900 pounds, while a grand piano weighs up to 1,400 pounds. Therefore, hiring a professional piano mover is recommended, as you can suffer from bodily injury if you try to lift and move a piano by yourself. You should also make sure that you follow basic safety guidelines when moving an upright piano. For instance, if you have a history of injury, you should never try to move a piano yourself.

Upright pianos are awkward to move, primarily because their weight is concentrated in the top half. Additionally, the legs and feet of an upright are extremely fragile, so you must enlist the help of at least four people. A professional piano mover should also have the proper equipment and experience to move your piano safely. If you don’t have a professional moving team, you may need to call on family and friends to help you move your piano safely.

The costs of hiring a piano mover may vary, but you should expect to spend about $400-$600. The amount you spend should depend on the age of your piano and whether or not your piano is too heavy or too big for your home. The cost will also depend on the type of piano and whether or not you are moving the piano up or down stairs.

If you are thinking about hiring a piano mover, make sure you hire one with more than 30 years of experience moving upright pianos. This way, you’ll be assured of their professionalism and care. Your upright piano is too valuable to be handled improperly, and a professional piano mover can protect your investment and ensure a safe move. And because pianos are so expensive, hiring professional movers is highly recommended.

Pianos are large and heavy, so moving them isn’t easy. Professional movers use trucks and other moving equipment to safely transport them. They also use protective straps to ensure that your piano doesn’t roll around. Then, they set them up in the best position for safe transport. If the piano is on a dolly, be sure to lock it securely to the dolly.

Choosing a company to move your piano will require extra equipment. Make sure you hire a moving company that provides insurance for your piano. The price will vary depending on how large your piano is. A typical price range is around $700 for moving within a state and $2,200 for moving it to a distant state. The cost also includes gas, the driver’s wages, and the amortization of their vehicle. Whether you’re moving a piano locally or moving it across the country, you’ll want to consider how well your piano is protected.