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Tips For Moving a Grand Piano

It is essential to hire Piano Movers to ensure the safety of a grand piano. When moving the piano, it needs to be wrapped in blankets and straps and placed on a special moving board. When in transit, the lid must be removed to prevent it from falling on the floor or being pushed around. Listed below are the steps you should take when moving a grand piano.


Measure the space where the piano will be transported. Make sure there is enough space to accommodate the grand. Before moving the piano, you should measure the width of the pathways. You should also check the size of the grand piano to determine whether you can move it without dismantling it. You can also use padding to prevent the piano from getting damaged in the doorway. After the move, you should tune it to make it sound its best.
To move a grand piano, wrap its legs and place it on a sturdy dolly. You can use two or three people to lift the wrapped piano onto the dolly. You should keep the piano centered on the dolly so it does not wobble while you transport it. A sturdy four-wheeled dolly is essential for the large size of the grand. A simple two-wheeled dolly is not sufficient to lift a big grand.
After wrapping the piano in a wrapper, place it on a dolly with a flat shelf. The dolly should be a sturdy one with a flat shelf of about seven centimeters high. The body of the piano should be lifted at least that height and centered on the dolly. The dolly must have a strong 4-wheeled dolly to handle the weight of the grand piano. If you decide to move a grand, then you should use a 4-wheeled dolly. A two-wheeled dolly will not be able to handle the weight.
When moving a grand piano, you must first wrap it in a blanket. Then, you should secure the board and the legs of the piano with a skid board. To avoid damage to the floor or walls, place the piano on a sturdy dolly. Once it is securely attached to the dolly, place it in a secure room. The dolly should be sturdy enough to bear the weight of the grand piano.
You should wrap the piano in a padded cover to prevent scratches. If you have a piano with wheels, it is a good idea to unlock them before moving. It is also a good idea to remove any parts of the piano that can’t be safely transported. Leaving the lids and keys behind will cut down on the amount of work your movers have to do. Then, they can focus on packing your precious piano.
The first thing you should do when moving a grand piano is to weigh it. A grand piano can range from 500 pounds to 1300 pounds, and a concert-sized piano can be as much as 1300 pounds. The size of the grand can also vary, depending on the type. For example, a larger concert-sized piano will be much more difficult to move. If it’s a small piano, it can be moved with the help of a friend or family member.
Once you have wrapped the piano, the next step is to place it on a sturdy dolly. You can use 2 or 3 people to lift it onto the dolly. If you’re moving a grand piano, it’s best to use a dolly with a flat shelf of about seven inches. A 2-wheeled dolly is not sturdy enough to carry the weight of a grand piano, and could potentially be damaged in the process.
The next step is to wrap the grand piano in protective padding. Once it’s wrapped, place it on the dolly with two or three people. The flat shelf of a dolly should be at least 7.6 cm high, so you can lift the piano’s body up that high. You should also center the piano’s top on the dolly. Be sure to measure the dimensions of the dolly. A three- or four-wheeled dolly is the most suitable option, but a 2-wheeled dolly will likely cause the piano to tip over.